Saturday, February 21, 2009

Camp Gray Staff Spotlight II

By: Camp Gray

In our second installment of the Camp Gray Staff Spotlight, we’re honored to present, JOSEPH HEIT!

Joseph has been on staff at Camp Gray for 7 summers! He’s worked in every capacity from the kitchen crew, to counselor, to even takin’ care of business (TCB) in the Camp Gray office. Before Joseph began his near decade tenure of service to Camp Gray, he was even a camper here. He spent 3 summers as a pathfinder, one summer out in the Explorer Village, and then finished things up his last summer with a stint as a LIT (formerly CIT), and then a week long hiking trip in the Porcupine Mountains. Yes, you could say Joseph has done just about everything here at Camp!

Camp Gray Blog: Well howdy, Joseph, what have you been up to since summer?
Joseph Heit: Since leaving camp this summer I have returned to my full time/rest of the year job. I am the Director of Religious Education at Holy Angels Parish in West Bend, WI. I love it here and I get to work for the Church. I am able to work on different projects around that parish that I enjoy doing. It is a great place to grow and learn in faith.
Camp Gray Blog: What is your favorite thing about Camp Gray?
Joseph Heit: Camp Gray has been apart of my life since 1997 when I was pathfinder. Camp has taught me so many things about life, but more importantly, it has taught me how to have a relationship with God. It is not enough to just know who God is. Camp has taught me to love and follow God. Camp is also a place where I can discover who I am. It a place where “I can be myself and let down my hair” (from the Camp Gray song). It is a place where I can be myself and people accept me for that. It is a place where laughter is heard everywhere.
Camp Gray Blog: What was the best lesson you took from summer camp 2008?
Joseph Heit: Do not stop praying…even if things are hard or if they become very easy. Sometimes we forget to pray and that will lead to a disconnect with God. Never stop praising God.
Camp Gray Blog: What is your absolute favorite memory from summer? (I know you have like 39, but I’m confident you can narrow it down to one)
Joseph Heit: Every moment that I was able to spend with campers this summer was great. It’s so fun to hang out with campers and to laugh and grow with them. The campers inspire me to work hard for each and every one of them.
Camp Gray Blog: What is your favorite book?
Joseph Heit: I do not think that I have a favorite book. I do love the bible and many “Liturgy Books”. I also very much enjoy the Harry Potter series.
Camp Gray Blog: You have a free ticket to go anywhere in the world. Where would you fly?
Joseph Heit: I would love to go to Assisi, Italy. I have been there once and would love to go to that very peaceful town. If that is not an option I would go to Seattle to see my best friend or to DC to see my brother or to anywhere in the US that I have not been before. Could I get 10 free tickets please?
Camp Gray Blog: Who is the biggest hero in your faith?
Joseph Heit: Fr. Jerry…he is the priest I work for right now. He has been a priest for over 45 years. He is 72 years old and still plays basketball 3 times a week. He is very intelligent and great to work for. He inspires me to do my best work for the church.
Camp Gray Blog: Who is your favorite Saint?
Joseph Heit: St Peter. Not only was he the first to lead the church, but he struggled with faith. We see this throughout scripture, yet he stayed with Jesus all the time.
Camp Gray Blog: What are your top 3 favorite spots at Camp Gray? Why?
Joseph Heit:1. Explorer Village - because of the many memories from being a camper in this sacred place.2. St. Francis of Assisi Chapel - because of The Blessed Sacrament, and when camp gets crazy, this is a quiet place to reflect and pray. 3. Lake Jake in the morning - It is beautiful to just sit down there and listen to creation wake up.
Camp Gray Blog: What is your favorite Bible verse?
Joseph Heit: Not a verse but a bunch of verses: Luke 24:13-35…The Road to Emmaus. Before you do anything else today, you should grab your Bible and peruse Luke 24. You won’t regret it. Camp Gray Blog: Well, thanks so very much for your time, Joseph. Do you have any last second insight you’d like to pass on to our readers?
Joseph Heit: Remember to always live with Christ by your sides and do not forget to go to Church on Sundays.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Turning to Spring

By: Amy Baker

Well, today was another gorgeous day here at Camp Gray. Now that the weather has gotten “warm” again, and by that I mean above freezing, we’ve been able to enjoy the great outdoors with less than ten layers on. Last week I went for a walk down by the creek and there were ferns that looked pretty happy. All sorts of awesome things were out there waiting to be discovered, like coyote scat with bones and turkey tracks.

For retreats we’re brainstorming for activities that are fun outside even when it’s wet, slightly sloppy, and a little cold still. We’ve got a retreat this week where we’re introducing an awesome new event: the all-camp scavenger hunt. It’s sure to be filled with adventure, suspense, mystery, and food.

I’m looking forward to many more adventures this spring, both around camp and on travel retreats!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Very Notable Quotable

By: Camp Gray

We’ve had four straight days of retreats running through yesterday, with the retreat team rising to the occasion and beyond in working with a group of middle school students and a retreat of Confirmation candidates. As they take a much deserved day off, I’m going back and typing up some evaluations of retreats from the past few months, and I came across one Confirmation retreat evaluation that stopped me in my tracks:

What did you learn about yourself and/or being part of a group through this experience?
That I have a lot more to figure out about God - that the million questions I had before aren’t nearly enough, that I think I DO want to be confirmed Catholic. I think I am ready.

Wow. Praise the Lord for the good work He does through Camp Gray!