Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camp Gray; Temporarily Closed?

By: Chris Aderhold
Assistant Director

Last week, as nearly a dozen Camp Gray staff members were down for the count with flu-like symptoms, we received word that a staff member who had been ill the week before, tested positive for the H1N1 virus (otherwise known as swine flu).  For both the safety of our campers, and for the need to give our staff time to recover, the difficult decision to cancel two weeks of summer camp had to be made.  

This decision came during Monday evening of session 2, which meant calling hundreds of parents of campers both in session 2 and session 3.  Many thanks to the tireless efforts of Tricia Sanborn, our Guest Services Manager, and Joseph Heit, our Administrative Coordinator, for heading up this operation.

Also, we can't thank our camp families enough for their support and encouragement after this difficult decision was made.  We were humbled by the positive response from families thanking us for keeping the safety of their campers priority number one.  

With 10 days off, our afflicted staff has had time to mend, and those that were unaffected had time to head home for a bit to see friends and family, while a few stuck around to build a fort!  Regardless of their destination though, one thing is certain, we could not be more excited about resuming summer camp on Sunday!  Bring on session 4!  


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Camp Is Here!!!

By: Chris Aderhold
Assistant Director

Greetings friends!

It's been much too long since we at Camp Gray have posted anything on our blog, "Misplaced and Found"! First off, I apologize for the lack of posts, and although I strongly dislike making excuses, here's one: SUMMER CAMP IS HERE!!! With the overwhelming ammount of time devoted to preparations the last couple weeks, we just haven't had the time necessary to contribute anything! I know, talk about sad stuff!

However, now that summer is under way, it is my hope to continue posting stories and articles, at the very least, fortnightly (which I just recently learned means every two weeks).

A new column I'll be starting is a weekly post of my favorite picture of the week! Because during summer camp we take somwhere in the neighborhood of 700 pictures per week, I'll have plenty to choose from. I'll be certain to include a caption with each photo to aid in explaining the events in the photo (I'll write only 12-23 words though, and someone smart once said a picture is worth thousand words!).

Enjoy! And be sure to check back soon!

After a cookout down at Lake Jake and before the big Capture the Flag game at the Cassidy Athletic Field, these ladies do their best to put on their game faces!