Saturday, July 25, 2009

Session 6 Picture of the Week!!

By: Chris Aderhold
Assistant Director

You just can't have summer camp without horseback riding!

These campers enjoyed a mid-morning riding lesson while dreaming of some day being campers in our Ranch Program!

Thanks campers for a phenomenal session 6!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Session 5 Picture of the Week!

By: Chris Aderhold
Assistant Director

During a morning team building challenge, the Pathfinders successfully (and safely) completed the spiderweb! Thanks campers for a great week 5!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Session 4 Picture of the Week!

By: Chris Aderhold
Assistant Director

Back by popular demand, the Camp Gray Summer Camp Picture of the Week!

Before we get to the winning picture though, it should be noted that after being closed for nearly two weeks (click here), our phenomenal staff at Camp Gray had no trouble getting things rolling again at full throttle for session 4! Thanks to all the incredible campers that made this week so terrific!

Our first session of Leaders in Training (LITs), were back last week and certainly made the most of their shortened 3-week session. Many thanks to the LITs for being so great and for being such a great inspiration to both our campers and our staff! In appreciation for the great things they did, allow me to present the Session 4 Picture of the Week:

Patrick, John, Tyler, Sally, Nicky, Clara, Shelly, Becca, and Kevin... Thanks!