Friday, May 15, 2009

Camp Gray Staff Spotlight IV

By: Camp Gray

This weeks Camp Gray Staff Spotlight is Nicky Kaehler!

Nicky will be joining us out at Camp Gray once again this summer (her fifth!), and will be teaming up with Lindsay Becher as a Co-Leader in Training Coordinator.

Nicky has spent the last year as a first-year teacher at St. Aloysius school in Sauk City, WI teaching second grade, and loves kids so much, she couldn't imagine summer without Camp Gray!

We're thankful to Nicky for agreeing to be our latest staff spotlight, and we're excited for you to learn a little more about her!

Camp Gray Blog: Hi Nicky! Thanks for joining us! Let's get right to the questions... What is your favorite thing about Camp Gray?
Nicky Kaehler: Well, since you probably don’t want me to ramble for too long, I would have to say that my favorite thing about Camp Gray is it is one of those homey places. You know, the kind of place that you feel happier and more filled just for being there. Maybe it’s the people, the surroundings, the incredible activities, a combination of things, or God’s overall presence, but there is just something special about Camp Gray.

Camp Gray Blog: What are you most excited for about summer camp 2009?
Nicky Kaehler: This summer I'm looking forward to working with the LITs and helping young people see what an awesome joy and pleasure it is to work with kids, especially at Camp Gray. I'm also looking forward to seeing old and new faces of campers and staff. Yeaaa summer's almost here!

Camp Gray Blog: What was the best lesson you took from summer camp 2008?
Nicky Kaehler: I was an Explorer/Voyager counselor last year, and I learned that you really can do anything with God’s help and a sunny attitude. I’ve never been an ultra buff individual, and I was worried about carrying canoes and large packs while hiking up hills and rocky terrain. But, as I was struggling through it all I kept praying and trusting that I wouldn’t collapse. In the end I always made it. I felt so strong physically and spiritually because I knew who was helping me every muddy, “mosquitoey” step of the way.

Camp Gray Blog: What is your absolute favorite memory from summer camp 2008?
Nicky Kaehler: That’s not fair. Why would you ask an impossible question. That’s like saying pick your favorite blade of grass in a big field. However, I would have to say meal times with my campers (Especially ones where they are cooking fries in the village). Meals are just so fun and relaxed. Everyone’s happy and laughing while eating lovely food prepared by the Kitchen Crew.

Camp Gray Blog: What is your favorite book?
Nicky Kaehler: I love a lot of books but my favorite children’s book would have to be Walk Two Moons by Sharron Creech. It’s just an incredible book full of life lessons.

Camp Gray Blog: Name one improvement you would make to camp?
Nicky Kaehler: I would make Lake Jake’s water clear and then buy a glass bottom boat so we could see Walter and all the weird things that fell into the lake.

Camp Gray Blog: You have a free ticket to go anywhere in the world. Where would you go?
Nicky Kaehler: To Florida to visit my Grandma. She’s just the coolest and it would be nice to drink tea and chat in sunny weather by the pool. Next time I’ll try to be more extravagant about my travel plans.

Camp Gray Blog: Who is the biggest hero in your faith?
Nicky Kaehler: Our mother Mary. She’s always praying for us and helping bring us close to Jesus.

Camp Gray Blog: Who is your favorite Saint?
Nicky Kaehler: Right now it’s kind of a toss up between Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Therese of Lisieux. They’re just such awesome women with a focus on prayer, simplicity, love of the Eucharist, and faith in action.

Camp Gray Blog: What are your three (3) favorite spots on camp? Why?
Nicky Kaehler: They would have to be (in no particular order):
1. The dock at Lake Jake.
2. The Explorer Village
3. St. Francis Chapel
These are all places that are beautiful, and I can just sit and be with God.

Camp Gray Blog: When you were of settler age, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Nicky Kaehler: Well I think I wanted to be either a librarian or a cashier simply for the fact that they got to make that “beep” noise every time they scanned a bar code.

Camp Gray Blog: What's your favorite Bible verse?
Nicky Kaehler: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths.” -Proverbs 3:5-6
It’s constantly been a reminder to me that no matter where I go or what I do I need to follow God’s perfect plan.

Camp Gray Blog: Well thanks so much for your time, Nicky!
Nicky Kaehler: Well you're very welcome. In closing, I just wanted to talk briefly about the Bubba Keg (a container for serving and pouring milk at camp meals). I know this might seem random but here goes. Last summer, the Bubba Keg was mocked for spilling by staff and campers, alike. As the great granddaughter of the inventor, Bubba Kaehler, I needed to defend my family. To put it simply the Bubba Keg is a lesson for life. BK (Bubba Keg) asks us to commit. Don’t start your pour assuming something bad will happen. Take a chance and go for it. Pour that glass of milk! You will be surprised to find liquid in your cup, no mess on your table, and confidence in the decisions you make. Thank you. Additionally, I would also like to mention that Bubba Kegs are perfect for transporting food items such as hot chili, which was recently done by Lindsay Becher of Baraboo, WI. Just one more way the BK saves the day!

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