Thursday, May 14, 2009

Restock 2009!

By: Chris Aderhold
Assistant Director

The timing of the overwhelmingly successful Inaugural Camp Gray Bassmaster Tournament two weekends ago was perfect, as last Friday we had a special early morning delivery.

Greg, from the Gollon Bait and Fish Farm, visited us at camp to restock Lake Jake with 310 beautiful bluegills. A thriving bluegill community means more fish will be caught this summer, which ultimately translates to more happy campers!

As this was the first restock experience for Jeff, Rebecca, and I, we were anticipating some sort of canon style apparatus that would launch the hundreds of fish into our humble lake. Turns out, Greg simply emptied the not-yet-full-grown bluegills into a bucket, and then slowly released them into Lake Jake. With the release of an equal amount of fatheads (feed minnows), the bluegills should be primed and ready to put smiles on hundreds of campers faces by week 1 (which starts one month from today!).

Special thanks to John Karsten, the Chairman of our Board of Directors, for his generous donation of the fish!

Here are several pictures from the exciting morning!

Greg wasted little time filling buckets with the hundreds of fish!

Release the hounds (aka: fish)!

Even though the delivery truck didn't come equipped with a launching apparatus, it was still quite an imposing presence pulled up next to Lake Jake.

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